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    Hipyllos broke the ribbon that confined them, opened the tablets, and read the lines traced upon the wax. They ran as follows:The orator followed the good advice and, trembling from head to foot, slunk back to his place, where he cowered making himself as small as possible.

    Scarcely had the sudden silence warned those standing outside that they were discovered, when the curtain was drawn back.Followed by Conops, he leaped into Dorion’s boat, shouting at the top of his voice to the people in the other vessels:

    The young girl made no reply; she was far too much agitated and confused to be able to utter a single word.“Do you think so?” said Lycon, smiling. “I will gladly stay, if you believe that I can serve you.”

    Lycon passed his huge hand over his face; the muscles around his mouth quivered, and it was a moment237 ere he could mutter a few words which sounded as if he had taken too large a mouthful.Lyrcus, fearing that the enemy might discover how small his band was, soon checked the pursuit, and when his people on the way home vied with each other in lauding him as conqueror, he replied:

    On the cliff itself deep silence reigned. Yet a strange crackling sound echoed upon the night, and the wind brought a light mist and a smell of burning. Soon after a red cloud rose into the air and from lip to lip ran the shout:

    Charicleia was not listening to him.“Do they know Lyrcus, the Cychrean?”“Why is the wedding so hurried?” asked Hipyllos. “Why does it take place in five days?”

    The clear dawn brooded over the land like a soft grey gleam. The mountains were wrapped in clouds and vapor and the swallows were twittering. Periphas breathed the fresh morning air and felt strengthened47 and inspirited. His first thought was that in the cave, only a few paces from him, he had the fairest woman in the Cychrean city, the woman whom he had once wooed, and who had been given to another.He had not waited long ere dark groups appeared from between the low hills. There were more than one chieftain’s men.

    It was a strange voyage, which none of the occupants of the boat ever forgot. The Street of the Bakers, the largest and finest street in the city, usually so full of life, this evening, for the first time within the memory of man, neither resounded with loud conversations from door to door, nor the merry songs of young men echoing from the wine-shops; silence reigned in harmony with the ruin that everywhere met the eye. The rippling and gurgling of the water, as well as the light strokes of the oars and the murmured words of the boatmen when two craft met, were the only sounds that interrupted the gloomy stillness. The houses were outlined in dark masses against the sky; but whenever an opening between them was reached columns of smoke and blazing flames were seen in the distance, which shed a murky light on the angles of the houses, the faces in the boats, and the smallest ripple upon the surface of the water. Ever and anon a shower of sparks fell hissing into the waves, and sometimes the cool evening breeze swept a veil of smoke over the street, bringing with it a suffocating smell of fire.

    “And where are the slaves?” enquired Conops.

    “Promises are words written in water,” she murmured.“Perhaps so,” replied Callippides with a faint smile.“No quarrelling!” he shouted harshly. “Lysiteles has sworn faith. He will keep his oath.”


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