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    "You do! You do! I know it now!"

    "What about?""Sink it in deep water at the end of the wharf," she said.Without waiting for him to hand it to her she picked up another paper and seated herself on the divan with only the mail matter between them. From this point of vantage she could watch him very well without appearing to.

    "Where now?" asked Don."My father feels it his duty to give you up," said Pen. "I gained a little time by making believe to be ill. He will be here later with other men."

    She yielded. That is to say she yielded with her mind. But the flesh rebelled. He gathered her in his arms taut as a bow-string. As his face approached hers she snapped. With a wild, blind reaction she tore herself free. No man could have held her. The open door was behind her. She darted through and slammed it shut. He put his shoulder against it, but she was at least as strong as he. She got the key turned."The men were afraid of you," said Don sagely. "It takes courage to make up to a girl like you."They spent their usual quiet evening under the dining-room lamp, Pen with her mending, Pendleton with his newspaper. An instinct of caution warned him not to read aloud any of the comment on the Counsell case. The news of the grand dénouement had not reached Baltimore in time for that morning's paper. They retired early, Pen offering her cheek for the usual good-night kiss.

    The sensational developments in the Counsell case during the past two days were brought to a still more sensational conclusion this afternoon when Ernest Riever was discovered to have killed himself. Ever since yesterday morning it has been an open secret around town that Riever was the unnamed millionaire so often referred to in the new evidence brought forward in Counsell's defense. It now appears that Riever has been under the surveillance of the police for three days, and this afternoon detective officers were sent to the above address to arrest him. Their ringing at the door elicited no response, and as the men who had been detailed to trail Riever insisted that he was in the house, an entrance was forced.Without raising her eyes, she offered him her hand. He carried it lightly to his lips, and quickly left the room.

    The yacht's big search-light was thrown dazzlingly on the end of the wharf showing up all the figures in sharp silhouette."To get at you through him.""Hah! ... Mitchell!" He conferred with one of his men.

    "Much the same as usual," said Pen.She then had to make a long detour around the house grounds, across the old paddock and the stable yard in the rear, across the road which led up the Neck and thence via a small triangular field into the woods. Within shadow of the woods she waited again to make sure she was not followed across the field. Nothing stirred behind her. She could see pretty well.

    Later she was moving about the house setting things to rights and always planning, planning, when she heard a musical deep-toned ship's whistle from the river—the whistle of a stranger in those waters. She ran to the front windows and beheld a big yacht coming in from the bay. She was as slim and sheer as a pickerel with a piratical rake to her masts and funnel. The morning sun showed up her mahogany upper-works as red as blood, and dazzlingly picked out her polished brasses. A beauty! An anchor was let go with a mighty rattling of chain, and the yacht slowly came about in the stream.Before he could explode Pen asked her question: "You are from New York, aren't you?"

    "Of course! ... Of course!" he stammered. "That's just what's troubling me.""I'll find a way," he said stubbornly. "I'm going back to New York."

    Pen considered. "All right," she said. "I would like to go on Tuesday.""It would be impossible to make the trip just now," Pen said quickly. "If you only had somebody there to act for you."

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