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    E. H. Bearne

    At that moment Tallien, who had been sent to Bordeaux by the Revolutinary authorities, appeared upon the scene.

    The camp of Dumouriez lay close at hand, and he had been very good to them; but there would probably be fighting very shortly, and it was said that he and many of his officers had been proscribed by the Convention. It would, she thought, be safer for Mademoiselle dOrlans to go and give herself up at Valenciennes, when she would most likely only be exiled, if that; than to be taken with Mme. de Genlis, as they would then be sent prisoners to Valenciennes and to the scaffold. And it was a great chance if they could pass the French posts.

    These things are impossible. I shall never believe they meditate such atrocities.Only a few years since, the chronicler Barbier had remarked, It is very apparent that we make all Europe move to carry out our plans, and that we lay down the law everywhere. [2]

    Like many other persons, Mme. de Genlis, though she chose to act in a way that she must have known to be suspicious, even if there had been no real harm in it, made a great outcry when the remarks were made, and conclusions drawn that might have naturally been expected.

    THE time had now come when the friendly farm at Wittmold, which had sheltered them in adversity, must be given up. The emigrs were returning; Mme. de la Fayette and Mme. de Grammont urged their sister to do the same, and Mme. de Tess was longing to see Paris again.With tears of joy Lisette witnessed the entry into Paris of the Comte dArtois on April 12th and of Louis XVIII. shortly afterwards. By his side sat the Duchesse dAngoulme, whose smiles mingled with sadness amidst the shouts of Vive le Roi; recalled the remembrance that she was traversing the route by which her mother had passed to the scaffold.

    The Marquis de la Salle was more than eighty years old, and had been Lieutenant-General and Governor of Alsace; he was now looked upon with [240] the utmost deference by all the emigrs around. His whole family were with him, except one son, who was with the army of Cond; wife, children, single and married, and grandchildren. They received M. de Montagu with great kindness and affection and wanted also to keep Pauline; but as, though not beggared, they were poor and obliged to economise and work to gain sufficient money for so large a household, she would only stay there a fortnight; then, taking a sorrowful leave of her husband, she went on to her aunt, Mme. de Tess.At the barrier came the parting with those she was leaving in the midst of perils. When they would meet again, if they ever did at all, it was impossible to guess.

    The pavilion of Mme. Du Barry had been sacked by the Revolutionists, only the walls were standing, while the palaces of Marly, Sceaux, and Bellevue had entirely disappeared.Not like the husband her grandmamma has chosen!】【

    In 1805 she again married, and this time her husband was in every respect the incarnation of all that she had hitherto opposed and objected to.