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    When he entered a workshop, a hair-dresser’s, or a lesche,C any of the places where the citizens met to discuss70 the incidents of the day or to drive a bargain, one after another stole away till he was left alone. If he bought a fillet from one of the pretty perfume dealers in the market-place, she put his copper coins aside that they might not become mixed with the other money and so bring ill-luck to the day’s receipts; if he spoke in the street to a female slave who knew the residents of the city she hurried off, and if he had merely laid the tips of his fingers on her arm, she rubbed it with the palm of her hand as though some poisonous reptile had touched her. If he was seen in any one’s company more than once, that person was known to be a timid man who was trying to flatter and cajole him in order to be safe from him. In other respects he led so solitary a life that a well-known jester, the parasite Meidias, said of him that “the only thing that stood near him was his shadow.”Soon after both were brought before Thyamis, who sat in all his splendor upon a sort of throne at the221 stern. As they approached he rose with a courtesy that boded ill.

    “Hipyllos’ uncle?” he asked, “who is that?”

    Lycon, Dorion, and Conops had succeeded, with the help of oars and poles, in keeping their craft clear of trees and houses. As if in a dream they heard wild cries of terror and saw the two buildings nearest the harbor sink under the force of the water, while some of276 the small vessels were stranded on the fallen walls and pillars.“Cychreans!” he said in a clear, loud voice, “we Pelasgians have come—if you agree—to conclude peace and form an alliance with you.”

    The Myoparian with a few powerful strokes of the oars approached still nearer, so that it lay side by side with the Attic ship.“He is right,” she thought. “I have called him the lord of my life. Should I then fail to fulfil his first command? No—I will do what he directs—happen what may.”

    The whole Cychrean nation, young and old, bond and free, gathered outside of their houses and stared at the unknown sign. They suspected that it was a signal for the Pelasgians to assemble, but when they spoke of it to the new bondmen the latter said they had never seen such a smoke, but that the Cychreans might rely upon it that the Pelasgians would not march against them until the arrival of a more propitious day. When the new settlers asked when that would be, they answered:“An archon!” repeated Xenocles, gazing at Hipyllos as though the latter had suddenly grown taller.

    Yes!—it was “a voice of fate,” a sign sent by the50 gods, an answer to her appeal placed in Periphas’ mouth, without his suspecting it, by Zeus himself.“Well!” exclaimed the old captain, “I shall rely on Phanos’ words. He never forgets.”

    “Hi-pyl-los, Cly-ti-e!”

    XIII.Maira did not seem to hear.During these preparations her veiled companion had often showed signs of impatience.