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    "Oh, Lord. Do I."When the antiphon had been delivered Gornom waited a full second and then fell prostrate to the floor. The others followed his example, except for Cadnan, who, afraid to let himself fall on bare metal, crouched down slowly instead.

    And it is not simple like pushing buttons and watching a machine. It is not simple like all the things I do since I am small Cadnan. It is hard, very hard, and all the time it is more hard.When he opened the door the Albert inside turned, took a single look at him, and said: "I do not mean to make masters troubled."

    MRS. GORDON: They've all been talking about it, how those poor things have to work and work until they drop, and they don't even get paid for it or anything.Cadnan hissed in anguish. She had to understand.... "What do I say that is wrong? You must—"

    "If we leave here," Dara said, "why think of a smaller rule?"

    And so they set out—on a walk long enough to serve as an aboriginal Odyssey for the planet. The night-beasts, soft glowing circles of eyes and mouths which none of their race had ever seen before: the giant flesh-eating plants: the herd of bovine monsters which, confused, stampeded at them, shaking the ground with their tread and making the feathery trees shake as if there were a hurricane: all this might have made an epic, had there been anyone to record it. But Cadnan expected no more and no less: the world was strange. Any piece of it was as strange as any other."It happens before now," Cadnan told her. "There are others, whom he joins."

    I push buttons and the machine obeys me,Johnny blinked and came back to her. "Oh, Albin?" he said. "We're—acquaintances."

    "Psych? You?""Too bright to sit around and do nothing!"He was still standing, those few thoughts expanding and filling his mind like water in a sponge, when the building, quite without warning, shook itself.

    "I wonder whether Dr. Haenlingen knew him," Norma said. "The new one, I mean."RE: Statistical findingsThe tone had two effects. First, it made the Albert near him move back, staring at him still with that single bright eye. Second, the others started for the elevator, apparently pushed more by the tone than the words. A master was angry. That, they judged, meant trouble. Acceding to his wishes was the safest thing to do.

    It was only human, after all, to find the cheapest way to do necessary work. It was only human to want the profits high and the costs low. It was only human to look on other races as congenitally inferior, as less-than-man in any possible sense, as materials, in fact, to be used."There are rumors," she said. "Frankly, I'd rather they didn't get around. And if I hadn't had too much to drink—or something—I wouldn't even be mentioning them. I'm sorry.""You may," the old woman said flatly.

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